Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Maggie's Seniors

Maggie is a senior at Huntington High (my alma mater!! Go Highlanders!) and she is such a PRECIOUS girl. I go to church with Maggie and her parents, Allen & Colleen. They are such wonderful people and I am seriously blessed to know them! I'm not easily impressed by high school kids (hence the fact that I'm a CHILDREN'S director :) but this girl is the total package. She is beautiful (just wait until you see this red die for! You couldn't pay for it!), she loves the Lord and lives for Him (I mean... she LOVES him!), she can sing her face off, and she is just an absolute joy to be around. We took pictures at Ritter Park and out front of the Keith Albee in Huntington. We also have plans to take a few more pictures of her in her room that is all decked out with Broadway show posters, musical notes on the walls (and pillows!), and even a painting of the NYC skyline! How cool. Anywho...I hope y'all enjoy Maggie's preview! This first pic is one of my faves! :)

I have a feeling that this last picture will be Colleen's favorite. :) Tillie (the dog) is not just a pet...but a member of the family...Colleen's other we couldn't leave her out of the pictures! :)