Monday, February 28, 2011

Brett & Chelsea

Brett and Chelsea are a GORGEOUS couple! They got engaged at the Greenbrier and will be getting married there this fall. Brett's older brother, Andy, and I have been friends for like 100 years and I absolutely ADORE their entire family. They are seriously one of my favorite families on this earth! :) And Chelsea will be the PERFECT addition to their family. She is so wonderful and I know they are thrilled to pieces that she and Brett are getting married! I am so happy for this precious couple! They are so sweet together and (like I mentioned above) they are GORGEOUS!
We had a great day for outdoor pictures, so we took a few at Ritter Park in Huntington before heading over to the Frederick Building downtown (2 of my favorite places to shoot!). Enjoy!

This last picture is one of my favorites of all time. AND how fitting because Chelsea is quite the little fashionista! ;)
I hope y'all enjoyed your preview! Thank you SO much for allowing me to take your engagement pictures. I pray that the Lord will bless your marriage with MANY MANY years of love, health, and happiness! Love you guys!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Megan's Maternity Shoot

Megan is one of my dear friends. We met through a mutual friend at Bible Study in college. She and her hubby, Bart, have a son named Ethan (he will turn 3 next month!) who is hilarious and SOOO stinkin' cute! Their cute family of 3 is about to become an even cuter family of 4! Megan is preggo with a girl this time and sweet Ella will be here soon! We had a beautiful (WINDY!) day for maternity pics...I hope you love your preview, Megan! :)
**Oh wait...did I forget to mention that this family is GORGEOUS????? I guess y'all can just see for yourselves...
This first picture is one of my personal favorites of the day....

I made this wreath to hang on the hospital door after Ella is born (I posted about it here on my other blog!)...I made Megan promise to act surprised when I give it to her at her shower on Saturday. :)

This one of Bart and Megan is another one of my faves...I told you they were gorgeous...

Check out that precious big brother to be! :) He's too cute!

I'll leave you with my #1 favorite photo of the day....I'm in love.
I hope y'all enjoyed your preview! I can't wait to meet little miss Ella!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Piper Poole

I am SO excited to share this post with y'all. Piper is the daughter of two of my favorite people and best friends. Jess and Daniel are precious (and not to mention GORGEOUS!) and their little girl is absolutely yummy! Wait until you see these cheeks! I'm so serious. I may throw in a few captions just because I'm so in love with this 4 month old...and you will be, me. She's perfect.
The headband is enough to kill ya....

Yes...those are leg warmers...on an infant....are you dead??

I can't look at this picture without singing the "do you know the drool-face girl" song that Daniel and Jess sing to

That FACE!!

Aaaaaaaand......she's over it. :) (Some of my favorite pictures ever are mad baby could you not love this?)

I told you she was perfect. ;) Thank y'all for letting me take her picture and love on her! I can't wait to take a thousand more pictures of her!